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3½ Times Prophecy
concerning the 1914 doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses

In the Bible, Daniel 7 describes the events leading up to and concluding with the establishment of the Kingdom, in 3 parallel passages: verses 8-14, verses 20-22 & verses 25-27.

According to the Bible, the Kingdom is established after a period of persecution, but in conflict with that, Jehovah's Witnesses have applied the prophecy to themselves in reverse order, with the Kingdom established in 1914 before their claimed persecution of 1914-1918.

References are made to the book Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy! (DP) published by the Watchtower Society (WTS).

According to the Bible According to Jehovah's Witnesses


The Small Horn speaks grandiose things against the Most High, wars upon and harasses the Holy Ones for 3½ times (verses 8, 20-21, 25) KINGDOM
After quoting Daniel 7:14, the WTS claims "Thus the Messianic Kingdom was established in heaven in 1914." (DP pg. 146, emphasis added)
After the Judgement (verses 9-11, 22, 26), the definite time arrives to give rulership to the Holy Ones including the Son of Man and for them to take possession of the Kingdom. (verses 13-14, 22, 27) PERSECUTION
The WTS claims the 3½ times of Daniel 7:25 occurred "December 1914 to June 1918. Anointed Christians harassed." (DP pg. 301)

"By the end of 1914 they were expecting persecution." (DP pg. 142) which "climaxed on June 21, 1918... So the foretold period of 'a time, times and half a time' ended in June 1918." (DP pg. 143)

The WTS acknowledges that "Jesus Christ is the chief holy one. (Acts 3:14; 4:27, 30)" (DP pg. 146). Since the Son of Man and the Holy Ones do not receive their rulership and Kingdom until after the Persecution, then according to the WTS interpretation of the 3½ times:
1914 cannot be the year Jesus Christ received his Kingdom.